Kabuki Brush


Don't forget these...


The Dolce Glow Kabuki Brush may be used to seamlessly apply all Dolce Glow products for a sleek, naturally radiant glow. Its dense, firm, and soft synthetic bristles help create our signature starlike luminous glow.

How to Use:

To achieve the best results, simply blend Dolce Glow products with our Kabuki Brush in a circular motion for a streak-free, flawless finish.

Care Instructions:

After use, hold the brush angled sideways to avoid wetting the handle. Hold the bristles under room temperature running water and gently hand wash. Continue to rinse until water runs clear. Lay the brush on its side on a flat surface to dry, avoid standing up to dry as the handle will get wet.

Why We Love It:

- Blend to Perfection

- Seemless Application

- Easy-to-use