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Do I need to make an appointment?
Wedding appointments are not necessary. Although, if you plan on bringing a large group in for a fitting, just give us a heads up and we will make sure to have everything set up for you ahead of time.
What should I do if a wedding party member lives out of town?
Wedding party members who live out of town and cannot make it in for one or more of the fittings have the option to send in their measurements. The first fitting can easily be done at a menswear store in their area. They will want to collect a full set of measurements and then call them in to our store. 
How long does the ordering process take?
  • Renting: Rental orders should be placed 2 months before the wedding date in order to ensure availability of styles and sizes. This means all sizes must be collected by this point, as orders are not put through until all sizes are collected. Credit card information from either the bride or groom will be required before the order is placed. This information is simply for wedding party incidentals.
  • Purchasing: The ordering process should start no later than 3 months before the wedding date. This means we need all sizes collected and styles finalized by this point.

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