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AUGUST. 03. 2015.


Robert Graham is taking us to London, England for its latest fall collection and has us drinking the Kool-Aid, or should we say, tea.




The details from this collection are tasteful, yet offbeat, in typical Robert Graham fashion. Embroidered crown details can be spotted throughout the collection, like on the "Queen's Guard" sport shirt, which also has an artfully placed polo player on the cuff (pictured below). 




The true crown jewel of the collection is the Limited Edition 'Odd Man Out' sport shirt (pictured below), which has whimsical images of London's iconic red telephone boxes, along with sketches of Queen Elizabeth ll (long live the Queen) with bejeweled eyes.

There's only 948 of these shirts in existence, so be sure to pick yours up from J. Longs quick!




 After viewing the collection, you'll probably feel the desire to visit London ASAP.

If you're unable to go across the big pond, stop by our store in Mankato, MN instead or check out jlongs.com to find a new Robert Graham shirt! You'll avoid the long flight and enjoy your new shirt instantly.